By supporting your club or dance school in purchasing the products of your son or daughter we at Team Pics provide a % return on all products purchased for all clubs and dance schools which in turn can help you purchase new equipment or provide an additional income.  


The more you buy the bigger the return for your club.


We will require contact details of all members to be photographed (usually parents details) as we will send a unique ID code to each member to access their photographs. With this password they can only see their images not the rest of the members. This protects the privacy of all members. We will require a mobile phone number and a valid email address on the photo day.


The ID code will be sent to parents approximately 1 week after the photo shoot and you can view all of the images at your leisure. We will provide you with 30 days to access the photographs and make your purchases as you wish.


After the 30 day expiry unfortunately all photographs will be deleted from the website.